Insuring Your Fall Attraction Business

Fall Attraction Insurance in GeorgiaThe Fall Season is a time when colors change, moods change, and weather changes. Boots and scarves are added to apparel departments, and all things pumpkin spice are added to menus. It’s a time to enjoy events like football, festivals, haunted houses, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, local fairs and more!  If your business is solely centered around these types of Fall attractions, you’re doing much more than updating your inventory and offerings during this time.

As a Fall Attraction business, you’re in the thick of hiring and training seasonal employees, preparing your event space, and likely planning innovative ways for your attraction to be even more exciting than previous years. This is your time to shine, and you only have one opportunity a year to make an impression on new and returning customers, so they’ll want to come back next year.

Whether this is your first season or your 50th in business, you’ll find that unforeseen instances can occur during operations, even within a short time. Having the right insurance for your business will give you the peace of mind that you’re protected no matter what happens. If you’re not a business owner, but your organization, club, or church hosts these types of seasonal activities, you should also have a seasonal policy. Seasonal policies are short term policies that will cover your services for a limited time frame.

Attractions we can cover:

  • Pumpkin Patches
  • Corn Mazes
  • Hayrides
  • Haunted Houses
  • Haunted Trails
  • Apple Picking Farms
  • Fall Festivals
  • Fall Fairs
  • Fall Concerts

Coverages we offer:

General Liability

Protects your organization/business from claims of bodily and personal injury, damages.

For Example: If a patron falls in your corn maze and breaks an ankle, then sues you with the claim that your organization did not take the necessary precautions to provide a clear walkway, your General Liability policy could respond to the claim.

Commercial/Business Property

Protects any damage or theft to the building structure or your tools, equipment, furniture, and fixtures.

For Example: Your character costumes are ruined following Hurricane Ida! You’ll need to replace them as soon as possible. Your Commercial/Business Property insurance protects against this loss.

Inland Marine

This coverage is for your movable property while it’s in transit.

For Example: Your Ferris wheel or Tilt a World is damaged en route from your storage unit to the fairgrounds. Your Inland Marine policy would cover any loss, theft or damage that occurs as it’s being transported.

Event Insurance

This coverage is for a particular event, and not activities, that will be offered for a period of time.

For example: A Fall concert or festival would be covered with an Event Insurance policy. This policy provides General Liability and, optionally, Liquor Liability coverage for these one-time events.

Fall is a favorite season for many as it comes with activities that bring joy and treasured memories to families and individuals of all ages. Let us help protect your Fall Attraction Business to ensure you can continue to bring it back each year! For more information, give us a call or request a quote.