Spring Into Your Peak Season!

Tips for Business' Spring Peak Season in GeorgiaThe weather is warming up, there are more sunny days are in the forecast, flowers are beginning to bloom and the birds are starting to sing their morning song- Spring is almost here! If you’re a landscaper, recreational facility, contractor, florist, small farmer or in the wedding business your high-demand season is almost here too. It’s time to prepare your business to get the most out of this exciting time of year. Here are some tips to help you make this your most successful Spring ever:

1. Set your goals for the season.

Evaluate your business’ prior peak seasons performances and consider how they could be even better! Reflect on what has worked well in the past, as well as opportunities to improve for this year. Once you have some goals in mind, create a plan to reach them.

2. Get a good marketing strategy.

If it’s peak season for your business, it’s likely peak season for your entire industry. How will you set your company apart from the other businesses like yours? What tools can you use to promote your business to more of the clients or different audiences? One good tactic, for businesses only open this time of year, is to contact your customers from last year (Pro Tip: text messages are the best way to reach anyone these days) to let them know your season opening date. Contact your customers and encourage them to schedule appointments soon, in this busy season, and consider offering them a referral incentive to help you gain new customers.

3. Prepare to staff up.

There aren’t many worse things in business than having more customers than staff who can service them. You do not want to turn anyone away- losing dollars never makes sense, especially when it can be prevented. Be realistic about your staffing needs and be proactive about preparing your human resources staff to get the job done. Bring in whomever is necessary to help you reach your Spring peak season goals. Consider hiring temporary, seasonal staffing if necessary.

4. Spring Clean your space.

This is especially important for businesses that typically close during winter months, and especially those who never opened last spring due to COVID-19. Perform a good deep cleaning or hire someone to do it for you (this happens to be the busy season for professional cleaners as well so, get a head start on securing their time). If you have not been closed, still take the time to tidy up and organize your inventory and tools.

5. Test your tools and equipment.

Check your tools and equipment to make sure everything is in good working condition. Repair or replace anything that needs it. Make sure you purchase or upgrade equipment for any new services you will be offering this year. Remember, a plan is only as good as its strategies and resources; set yourself up to win!

6. Review your insurance coverage.

Some seasonal businesses utilize seasonal insurance coverage. If you have chosen this option for your business, contact an agent now to get your new policy started. If you are currently insured, this is still a good time to review your policy with an agent. You want to make sure your plan sufficiently covers your current services. If you’re offering different or more services this year, have changed the size of your staff, and/or purchased company vehicles or other tools, machinery and equipment, your insurance coverage may need to be updated. Reach out to a professional commercial insurance agent for help.

Happy Spring and have a great season!!